What is a photograph?

Following a lecture on what is a photograph, I now have a better understand of the meaning of a photograph and how it is perceived.

Physically, a photograph is seen as…

  • Physical manifestation of our practice and its effect on the world.
  • ‘A trace of the real world’.
  • 2D, by flattening a 3D space. The illusion of deep space. Lee Freelander.
  • An artefact.
  • A record, the truth.
  • A moment fixed in time however the photograph itself ages.
  • Something that is useful, or a work of art.
  • A piece of photographic paper turned into seduction, a moment of beauty.
  • Can be large format, digital, expensive prints. Andres Gursky.

Visually, a photograph…

  • Creates a moment in time that only existed in that photograph.
  • Still, coloured or black and white.
  • Produce a narrative. Thomas Struth.
  • A moment in makes sense. Responded to what is in front of you, followed by editing.
  • Anything utilitarian to fine art.
  • Framing the world.

How can a photographer create their own photograph…

  • Various elements.
  • Chooses what they want to go in the photograph and what doesn’t. Context affects the meaning the viewer draws from it.
  • DENOTATION – what is there.
  • CONNOTATION – what it defines.
  • Want to create a cogent visual statement, give a structure, articulate meaning.
  • What to include and what to edit out.
  • Have to pick a point of focus. With this, they can create a tension with it.

Elements that can effect a photograph…

  • The camera will render things depending on the film you are using or the things you are shooting.
  • Everyone interprets images in their own way.
  • Pre-visualising.
  • By using connotation with denotation, this allows you to explain why you have interpreted the feelings from looking at the image.

~ by victoriasimkissphotography on October 13, 2012.

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