Dark room refresher

Whilst studying A-Level Photography, I was able to work in the dark room therefore I am fairly familiar with how it operates, however a refresher session was extremely helpful.

During this session, we were introduced to 2 different types of paper – Ilford Multigrade Resin Coated and Ilford Multigrade Fibre Based. For this activity we used resin coated, as this is more ideal for experimenting until the print is ready to be developed at its best. Whilst learning about the two types of paper, this also introduced the different timings for the developer, stop bath, fixer and wash. with the fibre based paper, the develop and wash is done for longer. We were also introduced into mixing the developer, where 1 part of developer is mixed to 9 parts of water.

Being quite familiar with the enlarger, I was able to recognise how it works quickly. Firstly positioning the negatives, getting the size right for the print you want to produce and making sure the image is in focus. Following this, we used test strips in order to achieve the correct amount of exposure time. Once this was achieved, the full image is exposed onto the paper for the correct amount of time. The image then went in the developer for 1 minute, stop bath for 30 seconds, fixer for 2 minutes and finished by the wash 2 minutes. There are 2 dryers in the dark room, therefore this is used to dry off the photograph before taking it out in the light to view the finished product.

I really enjoy working in the dark room therefore I would like to work and experiment in there more throughout the year.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on October 13, 2012.

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