Summer Project.

Before starting my university course, a summer project was launched introducing the style of university work. The first task consisted of reading Charlotte Cotton’s book “The Photograph as Contemporary Art”, focusing particularly on the chapter “Intimate Life”. By doing so, this allowed be to gain a better insight into the style of various photographers who worked with this theme, and allow me to develop my own ideas for a number of my own images in the style of a diary.

Direction: Imagine the person closest to you. Imagine that this morning they woke up. Got out of bed, without making it. Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back. Now go into the room in your mind and see the evidence of their presence. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks that it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail this person’s effect on their immediate environment and record them. 

With this in mind I went on to shoot a set of 17 images, photographing the evidence of my father’s presence and the things he left behind.

Critical Reflection

Shooting a set of diaristic images was something new to me therefore it was very interesting to experiment with different ideas and shots. To begin with, I found this task daunting as it took a while to get my head around the direction, and put together my ideas. However, after experimenting with a number of shots I am fairly pleased with the outcome of my photos as they show life without my father, as if he ‘walked out of the room and your life’. As well as this, I feel they portray his personality and interests so viewers are able to get to know him just through look at these photos. When composing my shots, I decided to stay quite close to the subject matter I was photographing mostly working with wide apertures as I like the effect of a small depth of field. They were shot and ordered chronologically as this works best to show the various stages of the day, starting with the image of the bed (getting up in the morning) and ending with images of dinner, and the book (reading before bed).  One of my particular favourites is the ‘Top Dad’ mug left on the side which in a sense adds emotion to the photo because it shows his importance to the family. I also like the guitar shot from a visual point of view as by using a wide aperture this has created a small depth of field and works effectively with the headstock in focus and the sense of elongating the neck.  Out of all my shots, the final is my favourite as the image is dark with a small lamp lighting it which has cast some interesting shadows over the glasses and book, whilst highlighting the title ‘world without end’. There were some images which were not so good as they were not as visually pleasing or didn’t work as effectively, such as the photo of the cycle helmet and shoes – although the shot was fairly simple, it worked in the sense of photographing the evidence of his presence. By being able to distinguish the stronger images and where I could improve, this will help me in the future for developing different ideas and approaches. The diarisitic approach to this task has also introduced me to a new way of capturing photos by telling a story about your day through images, therefore I may use this in future work with better understand of what works best.


~ by victoriasimkissphotography on September 27, 2012.

One Response to “Summer Project.”

  1. Inclined to agree with your summary/conclusion – the last photo is (imo) visually superior to the rest, whereas the mug/kettle shot is a nice shot, visually and emotionally – it works well within the scope of the project.

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