Letter to self.

Dear Victoria,

Remember the feelings and emotions when writing this letter – just about to begin a new journey into university life. A scary new challenge in which you are able to continue building upon your current knowledge and begin developing as your own person. Not only this, but the adventure of living away from home, experiencing new people, making new friends and taking on new challenges. The fear of the unexpected is inevitable, with no idea whether the road will be a smooth ride or a roller-coaster  However, I will survive whatever will have crossed my path and I will begin developing my goals both academically and personally.

The course in which I have chosen to study is the BA Honours Photography Degree. Photography began as an interest from a young age always wanting to take photos on my father’s camera. When A-Levels came along, I was finally able to start studying the theories and practices behind the exciting world of Photography and begin building my knowledge  Therefore a degree in the subject is  the perfect path to follow. It has allowed me to continue developing my skills and understanding in such an emotive and artistic subject. All different genres of photography are interesting to explore however I feel my work is stronger when working with people. When photographing people I can tell their stories or hide them, leaving the viewer open to interpretation and creating mystery. I can take anyone and portray them as someone they are not, or define who they really are and what makes them who they are. I would like to develop this further through the first year, working with more ideas with the means to take it further in the future. However, I would also like to experiment more with different genres such as fine art which I find more challenging.

I want to improve my quality of images and broaden my ideas when composing shots. I want to be confident within the work I produce, however there will still remain room for improvement and creativeness. I want to explore further into a variety of artists and how they work, as their techniques and styles are all unique and inspiring. To do so, I may visit various photography exhibitions and read a number of books. Another aspect in which I want to improve is my interpretation when viewing other people’s work, both well known photographers and class colleagues. I want to be able to understand the ways in which they work and the story their images tell. By being able to do this and analyse their images, it will help me broaden my own understanding which will help improve my own work.

Practically, I want to improve my dark room skills. By doing so this will allow me to experiment and shoot more with film whilst working predominantly in a digital environment. Along with this, I want to work more in the studio. I have currently worked with off camera flash in various locations which was a really interesting and enjoyable experience, therefore I want to gain better experience of working in a studio experimenting with different lighting. Another aspect in which I want to expand is in digital manipulation, to which I have chosen to take my first add+vantage module in Certified Adobe Photoshop: Visual Communication.

As a whole, I want to become more confident, experienced and creative as a photographer. This course will allow me to begin my journey in becoming this person. Hang in there, and never give up.



~ by victoriasimkissphotography on September 27, 2012.

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